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Austin Kaplan Addresses Six Flags Over Texas Dreadlocks Job Denial

Austin Kaplan of Kaplan Law Firm in Austin, Texas, told Newsweek that the theme park’s grooming policy was “questionable,” but that such cases were not uncommon in the U.S.

“If you have a grooming policy, you should have a reason for it. It really depends on the facts,’ said Kaplan, who is not representing Washington. “I think this is an open issue across the country, and it comes up a lot.”

Kaplan said he would ask the theme park how the grooming policy was applied, and what kind of goal the company was trying to accomplish with it.

“Who decides what is an ‘extreme hairstyle’? If the policy suggests discrimination, then the employers could be in a lot of trouble,” Kaplan told Newsweek.

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