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Cureton v. Signature Healthcare Services, LLC & Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute, LLC Press Release

June 4, 2019 AUSTIN, TEXAS — Kaplan Law Firm, LLC filed a wrongful termination and retaliation lawsuit on May 23, 2019 against Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute, LLC (GBHI) and Signature Healthcare Services, LLC. 

The plaintiff, Joy Cureton, alleges GBHI fired her after she reported safety concerns to the Joint Commission and to her supervisors. Cureton is represented by Austin Kaplan of Kaplan Law Firm.

The Petition alleges that Cureton, who worked for GBHI for nearly four years, complained to her supervisors and to the Joint Commission about unsafe conditions at GBHI. The Petition alleges that GBHI staff mistreated patients and was negligent in the care of some patients. The Petition also alleges there was mold in the facility, including on patients’ beds and in the walls. Cureton alleges she suffered respiratory issues and memory issues due to this mold. 

In the Petition, Cureton alleges that when she was 11 weeks pregnant, in May of 2016, she noticed a weird taste in the water and discovered that there was mold on the ice. 

After a flood in November of 2017, Cureton alleges she began experiencing migraines and severe allergy-like symptoms in her carpeted office due to mold and that other employees at GBHI told Cureton they experienced the same. 

Cureton alleges she made several reports in the fall of 2018 about patient mistreatment and that in response, GBHI terminated her employment.

Kaplan noted, “GBHI deals with an already vulnerable patient population.  By failing to provide a safe and secure environment and firing whistleblowers who attempt to improve conditions, GBHI victimizes those it should be helping, and takes advantage of the trust the community placed in their hands. We hope that by filing this action, GBHI will take corrective measures to remedy its ongoing, systemic problems.”

The Petition includes allegations or retaliation under the Texas Health & Safety Code. 

Since 2015, Kaplan Law Firm has represented healthcare professionals across Texas, including physicians, nurses, administrative staff, and technicians who have reported misconduct, fraud, patient abuse, and other safety issues only to face workplace retaliation.

Filed Petition

View the entire filed petition.