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Wondercheck v. Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc. Press Release & Petition

June 21, 2019 AUSTIN, TEXAS — Kaplan Law Firm, LLC recently filed a whistleblower lawsuit alleging federal contractor Maxim Healthcare Service retaliated against its employee for reporting fraud at an immigrant detention facility.

The Plaintiff, whistleblower Laura Wondercheck, is represented by Austin Kaplan of Kaplan Law Firm.

The Complaint alleges Maxim employed Wondercheck as a pharmacy technician at the Dilley immigration detention facility for women and children beginning in July of 2015. During Wondercheck’s employment, the Complaint alleges, she witnessed her supervisor pharmacist order pharmaceuticals for his own personal use. According to the Complaint these pharmaceuticals were meant for men and the facility only treated women. 

The Complaint states that Wondercheck made a fraud report to Maxim via its integrity hotline. Maxim fired the pharmacist who was participating in fraud, but then Maxim also fired whistleblower Wondercheck two weeks later for reporting the fruad.  

Kaplan noted: “Employers should thank whistleblowers who report fraud, not fire them.  Every time an employer fires an employee for reporting illegal conduct to a hotline, waste, fraud, abuse, and fear get a win and the world becomes less safe for law-abiding people. Here, Wondercheck did the right thing, and Maxim punished her for it. The goal of this lawsuit is to hold Maxim responsible and ensure a safe workplace for all employees.”

The Complaint alleges violations under the National Defense Authorization Act and False Claims Act.

Since 2015, Kaplan Law Firm has represented employees in a variety of matters including whistleblower lawsuits, retaliation, sexual harassment, and wrongful termination. Kaplan Law Firm is committed to protecting the rights of employees, individuals, and whistleblowers across Central Texas.

Filed Petition

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