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Caitlin Boehne

Caitlin Boehne is an attorney at Kaplan Law Firm.

Caitlin has been on the vanguard of the struggle for justice in Texas for twelve years, spending the past ten years litigating impact employment claims. As a Senior Managing Attorney, Caitlin has litigated dozens of employment claims for hundreds of workers in state and federal court. In the process of recovering over $1 million in unpaid wages and damages from unscrupulous employers, Caitlin has developed an expertise in handling individual, multi-plaintiff, and complex class action claims, on issues ranging from wage theft, to workplace sexual harassment, race discrimination, disability discrimination, labor trafficking, and more. Caitlin has argued and won dispositive motions, cross-examined witnesses at trial, and successfully resolved numerous cases in mediation and arbitration, including on behalf of monolingual Spanish-speakers. In 2023, Caitlin won a trial in federal court seeking unpaid wages and overtime for four construction workers. In 2024, Caitlin resolved a class action labor trafficking claim on behalf of 23 Filipino guestworkers for $730,000.

Prior to litigation, Caitlin was the Director and Co-Director of the Equal Justice Center’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immigration legal services program. In law school, Caitlin held clerkships at Human Rights Watch in New York, and at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in Arusha, Tanzania.