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Austin Kaplan is the Founder and Managing Attorney at Kaplan Law Firm.

Austin is an employment law and civil rights attorney and litigator serving clients in Austin, Texas and surrounding communities. Austin represents individuals in a wide range of employment and civil rights matters, including claims for breach of employment contract, breach of noncompete agreements, discrimination, overtime violations, wage and hour violations, whistleblower retaliation, FMLA violations, and marriage equality matters. Austin spends most of his days litigating cases for the Firm’s clients in state and federal court.

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Your Rights – Age Discrimination

According to multiple breaking news sources, IBM is now “facing allegations of rampant age discrimination.” Age discrimination in technology is rampant and unchecked.  Unfortunately, few affected individuals take action within the required time frame.  When they do, as was the case with this $1.5m verdict against IBM for age discrimination, it can be significant. A […]

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