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Can We Improve Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace?

In October 2017, Kaplan Law Firm Founder and Managing Partner Austin Kaplan joined other leaders in workplace diversity initiatives for a panel discussion on best practices for workplace diversity and inclusion in ATX. This event was part of the Austin Bar Association’s Labor & Employment Section’s continuing legal education series.

Can we improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

The panelists delved into the crucial objective of promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, addressing the challenges hindering its achievement. While many businesses are eager to recruit a diverse workforce, they often find themselves navigating the delicate balance due to concerns about reverse discrimination claims, all while standing against biased actions in the workplace.

Recurring themes raised by the panelists included that companies must make a commitment to diversity, take micro-aggression and bullying seriously, and focus on a supportive and inclusive the tone at the top. Panelists criticized the frequent practice in which companies task their diverse employees to form a diversity committee, but give that committee little power while few or no non-diverse company leaders join it.

You might ask yourself:

Is your business workplace a diverse and inclusive space? What could you do to improve business workplace? Are you planning to do those things? When? Kaplan Law Firm is committed to diversity and inclusion, and to fighting against workplace discrimination and retaliation.

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